PeopleExperts Amazingmonials


the Proof is in the People

Understand Your Consumer

  • Identify key markets and demographics
  • Develop strategies to reach them
  • Create detailed consumer insight guides

Find the Right People

  • Travel to the key markets
  • Meet the real consumers
  • Screen who will be best on camera

Capture the Wow!

  • Conduct 1:1 interviews and focus groups
  • Interview real people on camera
  • Create a great commercial!

At PeopleExperts we always vet the people we recruit to test products. Whether on camera or in their homes, we make sure our credible consumers can articulate themselves in ways that make for substantial, authentic, persuasive claims.

Nothing is rehearsed. Why? It allows the consumer who is giving their testimonial to be real, spontaneous; thereby creating original thinking. We've learned that when a consumer is loyal to a brand, they will talk about it in amazing ways. Be a detergent, a hair product, a car, a pain relief medicine – just about anything. People have actual relationships with your product, and that's what PeopleExperts captures.

Laura Slutsky and her team set up the shoot so that the consumers think they're coming in to a focus group. There is no mention of a commercial to be filmed. Laura sits off camera as the director/interviewer, in one-on-one contact with the clients. Creative and Account teams can watch the on-camera interview from a nearby room. Most of the time there is not a storyboard as is for a slice of life commercial. Based on the client's creative needs, she handcrafts her interview to achieve memorable ads. The responses are then cut into 15 second, 30 second, 60 second, and even longer form such as online docu-videos.