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the Proof is in the People

"Laura is able to bring out the best in everyone she interviews, and finds a way to bring emotion (whether it's laughter or tears) into every real person she films. She is also able to find people who have character, warmth, and personality. Laura is a one of a kind find!"

Linda Kaplan Thaler
The Kaplan Thaler Group

"Laura makes participants feel uninhibited and totally at ease allowing their true personalities to shine through. She actually makes people enjoy being interviewed. She delivered great people from all over the country for our Ford project and helped make the campaign a huge success."

Mike Priebe
Creative Director, J. Walter Thompson

"Laura is by far our most effective and popular guest speaker. She makes the benefits of conducting consumer research come alive. When she speaks, they sit on the edge of their chairs straining to hear what Laura has to say about her experiences... and importantly they learn a lot from this master crafts person. She is unparalleled in her insight to elicit information from the students. She is able to make student from multiple diverse cultural backgrounds share their stories with her."

Professor Barry Soloff
Global Ad Director & Business Faculty

"Laura Slutsky ignites my college classes like lightening every time she lectures. She has the skills and insights to make each student feel great about themselves as she demonstrates her impeccable talents for interviewing and doing research seamlessly. She is able to get kids who have not spoken all semester to stand in front of the class and enjoy every minute of their celebrity. Laura is truly one of a kind. If you have the opportunity to work with her, do not pass it up. It will be a most rewarding experience."

Anthony Perrotto
Fmr. Ad Agency Producer & Professor

"Laura has the uncanny ability to draw real emotion, real personality and real brilliance out of real people. Her spots shine with compelling language and artful storytelling. Simply put: she's the best."

Frank Ginsberg
Avrett Free Ginsberg

"Talk about real people, Slutsky is as real as it gets! Everyone loves her immediately and, because of her quick wit and genuine personality, she brings out the best in them."

John Arehart
Creative Director, Ferrara & Co.

"Laura Slutsky. Memorable name, unforgettable talent."

Amil Gargano
Advertising Legend