PeopleExperts Amazingmonials


the Proof is in the People

Nobody does Reality Advertising™ better than Laura Slutsky and her highly skilled team at PeopleExperts Productions.

PeopleExperts Amazingmonials Reality Advertising Reel

PeopleExperts handles every aspect of your real people advertising campaign, from research and strategy to scouting, casting, interviewing and directing the commercials.

It starts with understanding your consumer. Laura has over 30 years of experience in finding people who love your product and getting them to talk about it. She can help you figure out your key markets and identify the credible consumers you need to connect with.

AMAZINGMONIALS™ are the unique magic of PeopleExperts' testimonials. Once we find the right REAL PEOPLE, Laura gets them to speak passionately about the brands they're loyal to or have decided to switch to. Our interviews capture the warmth, the excitement, the real talk – that is what creates a true PeopleExperts AMAZINGMONIAL™

It's all about finding the right real people. And that is what PeopleExperts does time and time again. We cast the people who your audience will relate to – because they're your neighbors, your relatives, and your dear friends.